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Thomas Finchett : 3D VFX Artist/Visualiser/Motion Designer

Iam a creative 3D VFX Artist & Motion Designer with a wide range of 2D and 3D skills. I have become proficient in the 3D Visual Effects pipeline, which includes 3D modelling, Advanced Shading & Lighting, Rendering for Compositing and Linear Workflow from studying at Escape Studios. My knowledge of 2D is not far behind my experience in the 3D World, I have a broad knowledge of camera tracking and mapping and compositing render passes. This knowledge has enabled me to become a more mature creative artist and has allowed me to apply this to my current role of producing 3D Technical Visualisations, Virtual Reality Simulators, and various other projects.
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Tuk Tuk Final . . . . 19-06-13

Wk18 VFX Still Life Blog Post

Week 20 Render Layers and Compositing in Photoshop, so this was my final week of creating the perfect VFX Shot and I looked at the final stage of the pipeline which is Rendering and Compositing using the P51 Mustang as a learning aid and then finally finishing off my Tuk Tuk once and for all (read more....)

Tuk Tuk Part 4 . . . . 12-06-13

Wk18 VFX Still Life Blog Post

Week 19 Environmental Lighting, following on from the previous weeks content of Mental Ray and Raytracing, this lighting and rendering module moved away from Maya lights and I was shown a more advanced and ‘production-esq’ method of lighting scenes. (read more....)

Still Life . . . . 05-06-13

Wk18 VFX Still Life Blog Post

Week 18 Mental Ray and Raytracing, this week was about introducing mental ray and showing some of the benefits of integrating it into my own pipeline. Alongside this we had the perfect opportunity to delve further into Raytracing (read more....)

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